Help wanted


There's still a lot to be improved on Nocaute. I don't have the time to do it.
If you have the time, know how, and want to, then please do :)

Here's my email:

Below is what I think that has to be done soon.

Test script XML GUI

The advantage of specifying a test-case in XML is the time we save when a test-case changes.
However, writing the XML can be worse than writing java test-code.
It would be nice if there was a graphical tool to generate the XML test-script file.


Except for the quick start, there's none. Not even Javadocs.

XML-parsing meaningful error messages

The test-script file that the user makes may have errors (even if it's well-formed). Currently, when that happens, only a generic message is shown. It would be nice if we could show a message like:
"the specified test-method toztring() doesn't exist on class org.acme.Foo: test01.xml: line 32"


Maybe there should be a DTD to validate the test-script file

Any other suggestions?

Please let me know

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