Nocaute quick start

How to deploy Nocaute along with your application

1) The following libraries must be on the server’s lib directory (for your convenience, all those can be found on Nocaute's lib directory)

2) Open ${Nocaute-Home}/webApp. There are two folders: "nocaute" and "WEB-INF". Copy the "nocaute" directory to your web application's roor directory.

3) Copy the files ${Nocaute-Home}/webApp/WEB-INF/*.tld and struts-config-nocaute.xml to yor web application's WEB-INF directory

4) Make the changes specified in ${Nocaute-Home}/webApp/WEB-INF/web.xml to your web application's web.xml

The directory ${Nocaute-Home}/Samples/websample contains a sample web application that has completed the three last steps. There's also its ready-to-run sample web application: ${Nocaute-Home}/Samples/websample.war

Done. Now, how do I run it?

For example (using the websample application).
1) Open http://server:port/websample/nocaute/sendXML.jsp
2) upload the test-script file
3) Click on "Run Test"

But I don't know how to make a test-script file!

See these examples:

Pay special attention to the comments on the first one.

That's nice, but what if I just want to unit-test my classes, with no server at all?

Make sure you have the SWT dll's on your windows/system32 folder - or your OS equivalent (the windows dll's comes with Nocaute)
Then run NocauteGUI:

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